Alcohol License Information & Applications

Liquor licenses are issued July 1 each year.  They expire June 30th of the following year.  They must be renewed annually. 

Town of Sharon also requires a license to sell cigarettes and tobacco products.

If you currently have a combination liquor license and/or cigarette license, the Town Clerk will mail your required renewal alcohol beverage license application and auxiliary questionnaire application and cigarette/tobacco products application to you in April. 

The owner of the license is required to complete the applications and return to the Town clerk by the 3rd week in May, along with supporting payment.

Liquor License Applications

Operator’s (bartender) License Application — click here to download

Go to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website to download forms and information.

Original Alcohol Beverage License (AT-106)

Renewal Alcohol Beverage License (AT-115)

Application for Temporary Class B Retailers License (AT-315)

Auxiliary Questionaire – Alcohol Beverage License Application (AT-103)

Cigarette License (CTP-200)

Information Materials

WI Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Laws for Retailers (PUB 302)

Also visit WI Tobacco Check to learn Wisconsin's tobacco sales laws for free.