Election Information

Anyone new to the Town should contact the clerk about voter registration. To obtain an absentee ballot, visit If you have not requested a ballot online in the past, you will be asked to upload a voter ID.

2022 Elections

  • November 8 - Fall General Election
  • Election results and Provisional Ballots can be found after each election on the Portage County Website.

    Voter registration is conducted in the Sharon Town Hall during office hours as well as on Election Day.

    The Sharon Town Hall is accessible to elderly and disabled persons.

    Polls Open -- 7:00am
    Polls Close -- 8:00pm
    Voting Location -- Town of Sharon Hall - 6704 State Hwy 66, Custer, WI 54423

    State of Wisconsin Election Websites

  • My Vote Wisconsin
  • Photo ID Information
  • Wisconsin Elections Commission

  • Election Forms

    Forms can be downloaded from the Elections Commission Website.
    The most commonly downloaded forms are linked here.

  • Application for Absentee Ballot & Instructions (EL-121)
  • Application for Voter Registration & Instructions (EL-131)
  • Absentee Voting

    For your early voting convenience, Absentee Voting in the clerk's office at the Sharon Town Hall, 6704 State Hwy 66, can be done during regular office hours (Monday - Thursday 10AM - 2PM) and on the Friday before the election 1PM - 5PM, or by appointment. Call 715-592-6600.

    Applications for absentee ballots (EL-121) can be requested for a specific election (for example - due to vacation), OR for all elections for the current calendar year OR for every election indefinitely (for example - because of age, illness, disability). Ballots will be mailed in advance and are required to be returned by election day. Failure to return an absentee ballot may result in the discontinuance of future ballots mailed to you.

    If you have questions or need to make arrangements for registering or absentee ballots, please contact the Town Clerk 715-592-6600.

    Election Day

    You can register to vote up until 5PM the Friday before the election OR on Election day. You must reside at your address for 10 consecutive days to be eligible to vote. Proof of residency is required when registering, whether by mail or in person with the Clerk. If you have been issued and have a current valid WI driver license OR a WI DOT issued identification card, you must provide the number. If you have not been issued a WI driver license or WI DOT issued ID, you must provide the last four digits of your social security number. A photo ID is also required.

    When you arrive at the town hall for an election, state your name, then full address to the election worker seated at the check-in table. He/She will find your name on the list of registered voters. If your name is on the Poll List you will be asked to show your PHOTO ID. If your name is not on the Poll List you will be directed to the Clerk's office or another poll worker to complete the registration form (EL-131). After completing the registration form, you may continue the voting process.

    Voters must sign the Poll Book to obtain a ballot. The Poll Book now contains a signature block for each voter. Voters unable to sign the Poll Book because of a physical disability are exempt from this requirement. If this applies to you, tell the election officials that you are unable to sign because of a disability. Election officials will write "exempt" in your signature block. After you have signed the Poll Book and shown your PHOTO ID you will be given a ballot and be directed to the voting booth.

    If you make a mistake on your ballot, you may ask for a new ballot. You are allowed up to 3 ballots due to errors you made in marking the ballot. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask.

    I'm already registered elsewhere

    Your registration cannot be transferred from another municipality. A new registration in the Town of Sharon is required. You will be asked to complete a new registration form (EL-131) so that your prior registration can be cancelled.

    What if I moved within the town or have changed my name?

    If you have married/divorced and changed your name, you will need to re-register. If your address has changed, you also need to complete a new registration form (EL-131). Please bring proof of your new name and address.